Value Through Materials Science

We develop, manufacture, license, and support industry-leading technologies through our Catalysts Technologies and Materials Technologies business segments. Our legacy materials science is built on silica, but today this extends into synergistic technologies in organic and inorganic chemistries. These synergies give us operational and technological advantages and, along with our deep applications expertise and technical service, allowed us to develop long-term customer relationships and a track record of innovation.

Compelling Investment Thesis

We’re focused on executing our long-term strategy to deliver value, safely and sustainably, to our customers, investors, and employees. Our strategy is to increase enterprise value by profitably growing our businesses globally and achieving high levels of financial performance. We have four factors supporting our thesis for sustained growth:

Enduring Growth Drivers

3-5% Annual Global Plastics Demand Growth

4% Annual Global Middle Class Consumption Growth

5-7% Annual Hydroprocessing Catalyst Demand Growth

5-8% Annual Consumer/Pharma Demand Growth

  • Strong strategic positions in high-value markets
  • Increasing demand for high-performance plastics, petrochemical feedstocks, and clean transportation fuels
  • Rising living standards and growing middle class incomes
  • Growing global focus on stricter environmental standards, improving health and wellness, and sustainability

Delivering Value through the Grace Value Model

  • Comprehensive framework to improve profitability; significant runway for value creation
  • Commercial excellence and customer-driven innovation reinforce and extend our competitive advantages
  • Differentiated capabilities and strategies enable above-market sales growth rates
  • Operating excellence delivers productivity and efficiencies in our operations

Investing to Extend our Competitive Advantage

  • High-return investments in growth capacity, technology, and operating excellence accelerate sales and earnings growth
  • Balanced and disciplined capital allocation strategy drives strong investment returns

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